Thursday, 27 September 2018

Things to achieve in 2019

2019 : Resolutions

  1. Run 5 miles by end of February 2019 and once a month in rest of year
  2. Learn to play 3 chords on Guitar and play a tune
  3. Learn to play a tune on piano
  4. Learn to play a tune on harmonica
  5. Learn to play chess
  6. Take the dogs for a walk 6 times a week
  7. Weights 5 times per week
  8. Sit ACCA F2 and F3
  9. Cycle round the island
  10. Understand the basics of music theory

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

2015 New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Run 5 miles in 35 minutes
  2. Learn to play Guitar and perform before 5 people (not family)
  3. Play a tune on a harmonica
  4. Take 2 family holidays
  5. Earn more money/get promoted
  6. Buy a "me" car (coupe/Alfa Romeo/convertible etc)
  7. Swim 50 Lengths (1,250 metres) in a single session
  8. Take the dogs for a walk 6 times a week
  9. Lose 1 stone 9 pounds in weight
  10. Drink less alcohol
  11. Weights 3 times per week
  12. Kayaking/sailing 12 times in 2015
  13. Do my Blog regularly.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Sunday 13 January 2013

It's been a very busy weekend.

I had a half day on Friday and then we all drove to Llanelli where we were staying in a Premier Inn before driving into mid wales to pick up our new King Charles cavalier puppy, Lola. Luc had been ill on Thursday and was not allowed back at school on Friday, so we were able to set off at 2.30pm.

The journey from Canvey Island took ages with a few stops on the way. In the evening, we ate at the Sandpiper restaurant (Brewers Fayre) that was attached to the Inn. Luc was really well behaved but Georgie was not on her best behaviour. The meal was very good though - I had lasagne which I hadn't had out for years..

At breakfast we appreciated how nice the area was. At breakfast we looked over a lake with loads of birds flying in. The Welsh scenery was really spectacular on the drive with brooding hills and mountains. A summer holiday at St. Davids might be the order of the day!

Georgie was ill (sick) on the way to Blaenpennal and so the puppy pads were used even before Lola arrived. The farm is in beautiful countryside and there were lots of dogs and horses. We picked up Lola and then I had a really long drive home. It's nearly 2 hours' drive to get to the end of the M4 and then the small matter of driving nearly the length of the M4, M25 and A13! We had sandwiches for dinner.

It's now Sunday evening and Lola seems to have settled really well but Buddy still isn't too sure!

Welcome Lola

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Why The Silence in July

It’s day 2 of the next stage of my life.

I was made redundant from Ruggles & Jeffery after just 10  months. I have spent the last 4 weeks completing a period of gardening leave having time with the family, watching the Olympics 2012 on television and feverishly looking for a new job. I have now started work at the Law Society on a short term contract which began on Monday. During my “break”, I spent time in the garden, in the pool and the whole family loved the coverage of the Games. Luc and I went to see Gabon v South Korea in the Olympic football at Wembley whilst Julie watched the show jumping at Greenwich.

The Law Society are based at the Fleet Street end of Chancery Lane. The nearest Tube Station is Temple which is ironic as that was the same station I got out of whilst at my first job at PSAC back in 1979. For the first two days, I have walked from Fenchurch Street as after all the running around at home, I’m spending a lot more time sitting down.

Sadly, we didn’t get to go on our holiday in Devon last week, but I had lots to do to prepare for the new job and tie up loose ends. We also had the house painted and it looks great whilst our pool still looks a little green in spite of my constant scooping, vacuuming and putting in tons of chemicals, chlorine and ph-.

We have stopped Luc playing out on the road outside the house these holidays as the house felt like it was in the middle of a siege when Luc was in the garden and all his friends were gathering outside. Luc had fun in his pool, built Airfix models, built puzzle balls and has played really well with Georgina.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Weekend 23 & 24 June 2012

On Saturday morning, I took Luc to Danbury.

Whilst Luc was doing the high ropes, I paddled my kayak on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation at Paper Mill Lock. I was a bit better than last time but was struggling to get comfortable. I thought it was down to the bar at the end of the kayak needing adjustment but actually it was down to my big feet in trainers not reaching the bar. I also bumped into Barry from Bramston Canoe Club who was leading a group of school children and suggested that I came along to one of their Monday night sessions in Witham.

In the afternoon, we went to the Pumpkins Nursery School summer fete. There was a sponsored walk which Luc, Julie and Georgina. The children had temporary tattoos, played hook the duck, named the bear and entered raffles and tombollas.

Luc has decided to take up painting and yused my mother's old water colour set which was virtually unused as she preferred oils. He did some nice paintings of beaches and fields.

In the evening I watched Spain beat France easily at the Euros.

On Sunday, I took part in the Horndon-on-the-Hill 10k and recorded a reasonable time of 60 minutes and 7 seconds. It's by no means my best ever time but it is a good come back to running.

In the afternoon, I did some gardening and the threatened continuous rain forecast for the day turned out to be 2 quick showers so I was disappointed that we didn't go to the Blackwater Show.

Luc did some more pictures and I'll feature them on his website in the next few days.

In the evening I watched the inevitable England defeat to Italy in the quarter final of the European Championships on penalties. England were hopeless in normal time which finished 0-0 and barely strung 2 passes together.