Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Why The Silence in July

It’s day 2 of the next stage of my life.

I was made redundant from Ruggles & Jeffery after just 10  months. I have spent the last 4 weeks completing a period of gardening leave having time with the family, watching the Olympics 2012 on television and feverishly looking for a new job. I have now started work at the Law Society on a short term contract which began on Monday. During my “break”, I spent time in the garden, in the pool and the whole family loved the coverage of the Games. Luc and I went to see Gabon v South Korea in the Olympic football at Wembley whilst Julie watched the show jumping at Greenwich.

The Law Society are based at the Fleet Street end of Chancery Lane. The nearest Tube Station is Temple which is ironic as that was the same station I got out of whilst at my first job at PSAC back in 1979. For the first two days, I have walked from Fenchurch Street as after all the running around at home, I’m spending a lot more time sitting down.

Sadly, we didn’t get to go on our holiday in Devon last week, but I had lots to do to prepare for the new job and tie up loose ends. We also had the house painted and it looks great whilst our pool still looks a little green in spite of my constant scooping, vacuuming and putting in tons of chemicals, chlorine and ph-.

We have stopped Luc playing out on the road outside the house these holidays as the house felt like it was in the middle of a siege when Luc was in the garden and all his friends were gathering outside. Luc had fun in his pool, built Airfix models, built puzzle balls and has played really well with Georgina.

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