Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Queen's Diamond Jubilee Weekend

We had a lovely day yesterday (Tuesday) with Sue and Ned. We dropped off Buddy at Jack and Jean’s house and then drove round the M25 to Cobham. We met Sue and Ned at Old Lodge Stud and then Julie, Luc and Georgina rode Sue’s horse Pebble on Bookham Common. Both the children were very confident with Pebble as she is very good natured and gentle in spite of her size. Pebble was particularly good with the children when they gave her carrots. Luc also fed Sue’s hens that are kept at the stables by hand.

We had lunch in the cars in a pretty car park in Weybridge next to Weybridge Sailing Club as the rain started to fall. It didn’t matter as we all got very wet when we went in the kayak. Luc, Ned and I all had a turn at kayaking whilst Georgie had a paddle in the Thames!

The weather was pretty awful on Monday, but Luc, Georgie and I went crabbing at Benfleet Yacht Club as I misjudged the tide to do it at Concord Beach. We only caught 1 crab which Georgie landed. There was a bit of excitement at the club as a yacht was hauled up the slip way for repairs having been hit by a fishing boat that had escaped its moorings.

In between the showers on Sunday, Luc, Georgie and I went to what was left of the “Big Jubilee Picnic” on the green at Labworth. It was meant to be a green full of picnicers but there was nobody eating as the grass was too wet! The children did get to sit in a fire engine and an old Southend district bus and we watched some tug-of-war. We called in to see Jack and Jean and watched some of the Jubilee flotilla on the Thames - it was very spectacular.

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