Sunday, 10 June 2012

Weekend 9 & 10 June 2012

On Saturday morning, I took Luc to Danbury Outdoor Centre where Luc did Archery and Climbing. Tony's (my boss at Ruggles & Jeffery) children were there along with a couple of their friends. Luc had a good time. Meanwhile I took the kayak out on a wobbly trip from Paper Mill Lock to Rushes Lock and back on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation. I underestimated the flow of the water and really struggled to get back to Paper Mill Lock in time to pick up Luc. Fortunately, I didn't fall in and I was getting better by the time I arrived back.

In the afternoon, I took Luc and Georgie to Chelmsford Museum to see iguanas, spiders, owls, lizards and snakes. We also did the museum trail. We were allowed to stroke and touch all the animals. Luc and I got to have a snake (Royal Python) around our necks. 

I watched the European Championship football on the television. Mark Lawrenson, the former Irish international and Liverpool defender, turned TV pundit was dreadful in the role of colour commentator, as usual. 

Saturday was my late mother's birthday. We all really miss her and wish that she was still with us.

On Sunday  morning I made rolls and sandwiches and we all (including Buddy) went to Langdon Hills to go orienteering. We were not that good, particularly as lots of the other competitors were running round and we were walking at Georgie's pace. We eventually finished on a score of -20 as we took more than the permitted hour and only found 7 markers but everyone enjoyed the walk and the picnic afterwards.

I watched Spain draw 1-1 with Italy and Croatia beat Ireland 3-1. I get cross when people toadie around the Irish and act like they are British.

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