Saturday, 21 April 2012

Saturday 21 April 2012

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Before I got up, I read the first few pages of Scorpia Rising the final book in the Alex Ryder series by Anthony Horowitz. It was a really busy morning as I had to go to Tesco to get a present for Georgie to give to Lillie at her Birthday party. Whilst I was there, I picked up a digi-box for Luc. The UK has just switched over from analogue to digital TV and many televisions are now redundant without additional digital receivers. 

The 2 big sports news stories are about allowing athletes (notably Dwayne Chambers) who have served a ban for taking drugs to be allowed to compete for Great Britain later this year at the London Olympics and the F1 Motor Racing Grand Prix which is taking place this weekend in Bahrain against a back-drop of civil unrest. The Dwayne Chambers issue is not only that he has been caught once but that he had retired from athletics after the ban was imposed, so he was not regularly drug tested during his ban which athletes in training normally are!

I went to the library at Canvey and took out "The Devil and His Boy" also by Anthony Horowitz before I dropped-off Georgie and Julie at Farmer Tom's play barn in Benfleet for Lillie's 3rd Birthday party.  We managed to get nearly there before we realised that the present was still at home. Nevertheless, we still managed to get to the party in reasonable time for the 10.30 am start.

Georgie Russell at Lillie's Party
Luc and I then went in hunt of a model Titanic and managed to get one in Smyth's Toy Shop at Rayleigh. It is a Revell model so I'm expecting lots of glue and swearing next weekend! Luc and I drove on to Southend and took in the Activity Centre open day but it was cold, windy and Luc was a year too young to take part. It was nice at the seafront, though.

Georgie had a lovely time at the party even if she wasn't sure of the rules of pass the parcel. Having picked-up Julie and Georgie, we went to Homebase to pick up more paint for the kitchen and then on to the Post Office to collect a kitchen clock that couldn't be delivered, earlier.

After, a quick Dairylea roll, I went to the recycling centre whilst Luc played out with Mitchell, Abi and Scarlett against our wishes.

I took Buddy for a lovely walk in the late evening sunshine at Benfleet Yacht Club and had a nice chat with an experienced yachtsman. As I got home, it started to rain yet again!!In the car I found out that Bristol City had won their game today so Portsmouth and Coventry City are relegated. Fulham beat Wigan at home and are 9th in the table on the same number of points as Liverpool.


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