Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Tuesday 24 April 2012

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Had a rubbish night's sleep which featured Georgie waking up several times and a milk man delivering milk at 3.20 am! It's raining again and the hose pipe ban might be lifted if this carries on. Apparently it's heading for the coldest April since 1981 and this morning was windy, wet and cold. 

The good news is my weight is now down to 13 stone 2 pounds, so I'm closing in on breaking the 13 stone barrier and significantly I am 1 and a half pounds lighter than Henry Cooper when he fought Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali as he became) for the first time in 1964. My target is 11 stone 10 pounds - the same weight as Martin Peters (Spurs, West Ham, Norwich and World Cup winning England footballer famous for "ghosting" into scoring positions unseen, being described by the late England Manager, Sir Alf Ramsey, as being "10 years ahead of his time" and for being a wonderful footballer). It might be a struggle to achieve this target as I struggled to make this weight even when playing regular competitive sport.

Had an ok day at work and surprisingly easy drive home. I went to the Yacht Club with Buddy and Georgie for a walk. After the rain earlier, it was a lovely evening and we had a very nice leisurely walk. 

I watched an amazing second leg of the Champions League semi final between Barcelona and Chelsea before Georgie woke up unwell at 9pm and I had to stop viewing. Chelsea had their captain John Terry sent off for a bit of sly thuggery, had the other centre half (Gary Cahill stretchered off) and were 2-0 down before half time. Surprisingly, Chelsea pulled one back just before half time and having laid siege on Chelsea's goal for 45 minutes of the second half, Fernando Torres who had come on as substitute and looked awful, then ran from his own half to score!!!! Chelsea win 3-2 on aggregate. Terrific game. 

Luc had created an excellent PowerPoint presentation about the sinking of the Titanic that I will put on to his website tomorrow. 

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