Sunday, 29 April 2012

Sunday 29 April 2012

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After another disturbed night with Georgie waking up at midnight and Luc wanting to sleep in the spare bed with me, I woke up to more rain. I'm starting to worry that the pool will overflow! 

I finished reading "Scorpia Rising" by Anthony Horowitz last night and the writing style is a little different, at times judgemental and a lot more detached particularly at the end of the book than the other Alex Rider stories. In this, the last book of the series, the reader is made far more aware of the tragedies that have beset Alex Rider.

Anyway, it's an excellent read with a lot of twist and turns, but I feel the ending was difficult to write as I'm not sure that the author knew when was the right time to say goodbye to Alex Rider.

I spent most of the day building the Titanic with Luc - it's a Revell model. The set came with a big and a small version and the small one is taking ages. Still with all the rain, it's a welcome distraction. Whilst Luc was watching CBeebies, he complained that there were too many adults on children's TV - 2 words Luc: Junior Showtime.

Chelsea beat QPR 6-1 today and Spurs beat Blackburn 2-0. Blackburn were actually worse than QPR!

By early evening the Titanic was built, the rain had stopped and Luc played happily with Megan and Mitchell.

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