Saturday, 5 May 2012

Friday 4 May 2012

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I slept very well, probably because Georgie slept through the night. I finished reading "The Falcon's Malteser" by Anthony Horowitz before I got up. It was a very light easy read and the pages seem to fly past. Consequently in the last 7 days, I've read "The Devil and His Boy" which was an historical drama - my first ever book in this genre - set in the reign of Elizabeth 1 and, of course, "Scorpia Rising". I really enjoyed all three books even though they are very different.

It's a Bank Holiday weekend and the weather looks like being cold and cloudy. As I've got plans for us all to spend the next few days outside, it isn't looking promising. 

I had my mid year review at work and it went ok. It certainly has got me inspired to achieve more in the next 3 months but particularly in the next month. I'm hoping to create some video content.

The traffic at Sadlers Farm tonight on the A130 was really light largely due to an accident or incident just north of the junction of the A129 and A1245. It delayed my journey by 10 minutes but I sailed through the rest of my journey. I could see tow trucks, police and fire engines with hazard lights flashing but I couldn't tell what had happened.

We are now expecting frost tonight (in May) so I put the plant pots into the summer house. The tomato plants are already looking poorly.

My treat for dinner is an Indian take away from the Village Balti House. It was absolutely brilliant. 

Luc played with Harvey and Mitchell this evening. Luc played in Harvey's garden and ended up watching a movie at Harvey's house - he really enjoyed himself and outstayed his welcome!.


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