Sunday, 27 May 2012

Sunday 27 May 2012

Georgie woke me just before 6am and I was straight out to put the pool heater on.

We went to Morrisons for some odds and ends, but actually bought a Bay Tree and Olive Tree. Bay Trees remind me of Jeremy Drake's stag night from years ago when he attempted to take a bay tree from outside the restaurant at the end of the evening. I also bought a new inflatable boat from Camping & General as the old one had a hole in it.

The children and I went into the pool and had a lovely time. The boat gave us lots of fun as Georgie could sit safely in the boat but she also went swimming with me. Meanwhile, Luc showed off his swimming and was in and out of the boat, surf board and lilo.

Julie planted the trees and bedding plants and the garden looks lovely now. I saw a picture of me in the pool and I look very thin so I need to work on my fitness and body shape, I needed to lose weight but I still need to keep up my strength.

I ended up having 3 swims today and we all felt very tired by the evening. Georgie fell asleep on the floor in the lounge.

I listened to some cricket in the Summer House as England got the better of the West Indies. Test Match Special remains a wonderful radio programme with the cricket serving as a backdrop.

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