Monday, 21 May 2012

Monday 21 May 2012

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I had hoped to go running this morning but I felt too tired (lazy) when I woke up.

Luc surpassed himself this morning by being as difficult as he could be. Good luck to Mrs Smith his class teacher today! He was getting silly about his friend Jake's website and "Window Cops" which is a silly invention of Jake's based on Neighbourhood Watch. Anyway, as Luc's website gets 60,000 impressions per month on google and 2,000+ visitors (due to his  lego images page and videos), he needn't worry. I'm going to have to add a counter to the home page to keep him happy!! I eventually lost my temper with him as he refused to get in the bat, out of the bath, eat his breakfast, get dressed, get off the computer and had littered his bedroom with lego and magnetix.

Ok day at work but an awful journey home through the roadworks at Sadlers Farm.

When I got in, Steve and Karen were there to pick up Mason who had been on a play date with Luc. Julie had taken the boys and Georgie to the beach and given them their tea.

The pool is looking better and the weather is set fair for the rest of the week. So hopefully, it will be in use by the weekend.

I watched the second part of 56 up and it was just as interesting as the first programme last week. As I'm of an age to empathise with the people whose lives have been featured and as I have grown up with this programme, I find it absolutely fascinating to see how people have changed, where they live in relation to where they were born, whether they are "successful" or not and the most important things around their happiness, future ambitions etc...

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