Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wednesday 30 May 2012

I awoke to another warm day but the forecast is not good with showers expected.

There was a minor accident at Sadlers Farm roundabout and it appeared that Lottie's mum (one of our neighbours) had gone into the back of another car.

I tweeted and posted details on facebook about the Kids for a Quid at the Lakeside Hammers  on Saturday that Ruggles & Jeffery is sponsoring. We've had some interest in our company on the back of it and our name has gone out to thousands of people. The emails from the last 2 days seem to have been well received.

Was very tired by the time I got in. Luc did an excellent piece of homework on Roman numerals and then played outside with his friends.

Julie cooked a whole chicken in herbs which she casseroled on the hob. It tasted very nice.

Watched Outnumbered on TV and the children in the programme are so like ours.

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