Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Lakeside Hammers Kids 4 A Quid
I woke up to another beautiful sunny morning. I even enjoyed putting the black rubbish bags out for collection!

There is yet another change to the layout at Sadlers farm roundabout but I still can't see how all the work will actually improve things.

I wrote and sent out lots of emails to local schools and our clients about the Lakeside Hammers Kids 4 A Quid initiative that Ruggles & Jeffery is sponsoring today.

I met Luc and Julie at the Lighthouse Centre at lunchtime and we were able to report to the doctor that Luc is behaving a lot better and life is a lot better. Luc is, however, feeling a bit poorly which may be a side-effect of his medication. Luc doesn't have to go back for 6 months.

I read an article on line by Dan walker about Avram Grant (the ex Chelsea, Portsmouth and West Ham manager) and his return to Auschwitz and his Polish home. Avram is Jewish and his family suffered atrocities under the Nazis during the second world war. I tweeted about it and got a reply from respected and hard working journalist at Talk Sport, Ian Abrahams (Talk Sport).

I filtered the pool and added chlorine and after dinner watched Silk and an old but entertaining episode of Outnumbered on television.

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