Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday 19 May 2012

Luc and I went to Danbury. Luc went on the High Ropes. Tony my boss at Ruggles & Jeffery was there with his 2 sons and Luc seemed to get on ok with them.

I had a poor run from the Outdoor Centre to Paper Mill Lock and had to have a break at the lock - it meant I could watch some kayaks being launched. It was really hilly and I even had to walk a bit. My total time was 1 hour 21 minutes 18 seconds. As it took me just 35 minutes 20 seconds to get there but it meant it took me 45 minutes 58 seconds to get back which shows not only how hilly it was and but how tired I got. I measured the route using the excellent website  "take to the streets" and its 3.32 miles each way so the outward run wasn't too bad.

Luc has had a row with his friend Jake at school, so I had to update Luc's website to remove any mention of Jake and his "Windows Cops".

West Ham won the Championship play-off final at Wembley  this afternoon beating Blackpool 2-1. I didn't watch the game as I really wanted West Ham to fail (Sam Allardyce phobia) and would have got bitter and twisted watching it. It's more than enough that Chelsea are playing Bayern Munich in the final of the Champions League this evening.

I went to the library and then went to the excellent Crystal Clear Leisure and got some stuff for the pool and it's looking a lot better. By this evening the pool is cleaner and actually smelling of chlorine.

Chris & Alf (Julie's Aunt and Uncle) came over to take the children to McDonalds whilst we went to Wickes to look at kitchen floor tiles and work surface - wooohoooooooooo!The children ended up going to the park and to the beach so they didn't get back until after 8pm.

Georgie went straight to sleep conveniently at half time in the Champions League Final. It was a very tense game which went to extra time and then penalties having finished 1-1, although Bayern played much better than Chelsea and missed a penalty in normal time. John Terry, Ramires, Meireles and Ivanovic were all suspended for this game. Chelsea won it in a truly dramatic penalty shoot out.

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