Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wednesday 2 May 2012

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Georgie woke up again in the night and ended up in the spare bed.  Her cough seems no better at night, but it's barely noticeable during the day.

The traffic layout has changed again at Sadlers Farm roundabout and I ended up going down the A13 and having to take A132 to work via Basildon. Consequently, I was late.

The Sun newspaper has done a front page news item on Roy Hodgson's inability to pronounce his "r"s. Clearly, that will be the difference between success and failure at the forthcoming European Championships.

A more productive day at work.

All sorts of drama awaited me when I got home. The pool heater is installed but not working and Karen and Steve (2 parents) had a fight in the playground when Julie picked Luc up from school.

Luc did his homework without making much fuss. It was to add up the numbers on a telephone keypad and Luc did it easily.

Watched Spurs thrash Bolton 4-1 away. I think it's now Wolves, Bolton and Blackburn for the drop. Wigan play Blackburn on Monday, whilst Bolton play West Brom and QPR play Stoke on Sunday.

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