Monday, 7 May 2012

Monday 7 May 2012 (Bank Holiday)

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Georgina woke at 3am and wanted to chat before she eventually went back to sleep nearer to 4am. She also wanted me to read whilst she got back to sleep. I was very tired this morning, but as I had promised Luc a trip to Mersea Island, I got up earlier than I would have liked.

I cut the lawn for the first time in ages and tried to fix the pool heater. The grass looks great but the pool heater still isn't working.

I made rolls for the picnic and then we all set off for Mersea Island including Buddy. It's a lovely drive to Mersea Island on the B1026 and B1025 and we listened to Five Go to Mystery Moor and Five On A Treasure Island. We decided to go to the Country Park at East Mersea where it was very windy and quite cold but the children still had a good time on the beach and Buddy enjoyed running round. We went home via Danbury in order to drive through the ford but then got stuck next to a 4x4 with an enormous caravan!

When we got home, the weather was sunny and quite warm. I had yet another attempt at getting the pool to work. I played a bit of football in the garden with Luc in the evening sunshine.

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