Saturday, 12 May 2012

Saturday 12 May 2012

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Luc and I went to Danbury again today. I had to make the sandwiches and then drove Luc to Danbury. We drove through the ford again but the water was quite low.

Luc did the low ropes and obstacle course whilst I went for my now usual run of 10 K. It took me 1 hour 3 minutes 56 seconds which is more than 9 minutes better than last week. It  was a lovely sunny day and I enjoyed the run and the scenery.

After the run I drove to Paper Mill Lock to see what's there. it looks a good place to kayak but was overrun by about 50 teenage hikers.

After I drove home, I went to the library, bought a card for Michael's Birthday and bought some sugar free sherbet lemons and strawberries. Luc had a bath and I had a shower in readiness for Michael's Birthday party. I dropped Luc off at the Vi bowl which is a virtual bowling alley on Canvey "sea" front. There was a bar there and full-size snooker tables whilst the bowling took place upstairs. 

On the way home I bought some silicone from GMD on Canvey to seal the pipes for the pool pump and heater. Normally, I find the staff at GMD's rude and unhelpful but surprisingly after blanking me for 10 minutes a lady actually approached me and asked me if I needed help and advised me of the best product and price. It's also difficult to park near the shop as there are double yellow lines outside and in the neighbouring side streets.

With Julie's help I put the pipe back on and so fingers are crossed that it would have sealed by tomorrow morning.

I picked Luc up with Georgie from  Vi bowl and it was carnage. Luc was perspiring and had played every game apart from bowling! Incidentally, the children got a great party bag and a punnet of popcorn.

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