Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Tuesday 15 May 2012

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I took Luc to Breakfast Club at his school this morning.

I had an ok day at work.

I made a chicken dinner with jacket potato and peas. It was doubly healthy evening, as my wonderful KP beef crisps were a few days out of date and Julie had thrown them away!! Even a little stale, I was enjoying them more than any other crisp. Still, they are not good for my cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes.

I watched a bit of the League 1 (ironically Division 3) play off between Huddersfield and MK Dons on the computer which Huddersfield won on aggregate, just.

Afterwards, I watched an excellent if disturbing programme called Silk on BBC 1. It starred Phil Davis and Neil Stuke. Very good.


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