Saturday, 26 May 2012

Saturday 26 May 2012

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Another Saturday morning trip to Danbury where Luc did orienteering and bush man skills. He  really enjoyed it. I went for a short run as it was so hot.

I took Luc to Spencer's football party in the afternoon and he had a great time. He wasn't looking forward to it but had really enjoyed himself. Meanwhile I went to the Yacht Club to try to put my kayak there for the summer but I need to make some calls first. I took Georgie to Canvey Marsh for the RSPB Open Day.

Luc, Georgie and I all went in the pool for the first time. The pool was warm enough and deep enough for me to swim in it.

Watched England play Norway in an international friendly. England played ok, but Gerard the new England should have been sent off for a typical act of thuggery.

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