Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thursday 24 May 2012

I woke up to another lovely day.

I had to call into the office before going toThree Rivers Golf & Country Club in Cold Norton, Essex to give a Marketing Presentation to the Ruggles & Jeffery Board, this morning. I think I did quite well. Three Rivers Golf & Country Club is a beautiful place set in the Essex countryside and very luxurious. By the time I had completed my presentation, the weather had warmed up even more and it was an absolutely glorious day. Just the weather for spending time outdoors but I had to go back into the office.

Stopped off for a coke at the very excellent Country Produce Store on the road to North Fambridge. Enjoyed the drive back to the office.

The feedback from my presentation was really good so it's been one of my best working days ever that hasn't involved alcohol, the RCN or shenanigans!

Luc had his school disco this evening and I met him afterwards. He'd had a great time and has made friends with Jake again.

The evening was great as I watched an episode of Jonathan Creek on tele.

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