Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tuesday 22 May 2012

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I awoke feeling good today. The sun is shining and it looks a perfect day.

I had my weekly catch up with Tony that went very well. My holiday request has been accepted so we're off camping at Old Cotmore Farm at Stokenham in the South Hams area of Devon for 8 days in August (sooo excited!). It looks a lovely spot and close to Blackpool Sands, Hall Sands, Slapton Sands, East Portlemouth, Salcombe, Banthem, Thurlesden and Bigbury-on-Sea with the magical Burgh Island out to sea. Shirley & Nick (my Aunt and Uncle) live nearby and we can meet them in town or on the beach so they are not overwhelmed by the children. 

I've also got a week off after the Bank Holiday at the end of August so I'm going to be spending a lot of time with the family and hopefully keep Luc entertained over the holidays.I've managed to set up lots of things to do each weekend from now until the summer holidays. 

I popped into Makro on the way home to get some MacDougall's Oxtail and Minestrone soup. The soups are inexpensive (£1.39 for a packet that contains 25 servings or 10 for Clive) and a great filler if you're on a diet like me. I did some more work on the pool and with the warm weather, it should be ready for use at the weekend.
Old Cotmore Farm Camping

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