Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sunday 6 May 2012

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We went to Southend to do the Rotary Pier Walk. It was raining and windy as we drove to Southend, but fortunately the rain stopped but even so it was cold and windy. We met Chris (Julie's Aunt) and we walked all the way to the end of the pier and back. Georgie managed the walk as well.

We stopped off at the end of the pier for an ice cream and looked at the in-shore life boats. I had to yomp most of the way back to the car as we had only put 2 hours on the parking meter. It was an off-shore wind blowing so it was a less happy walk back. We were all given medals for completing the walk.  There was lots going on in the estuary. As the tide was in there were lots of dinghies and yachts sailing including lasers, Dart 16s and lots of small keel boats with an S on the sail.

At the End of The Pier
We had a picnic in the car and then went to Tesco for a few bits of shopping and clothes for the children, the bill was more than £100.

Jack and Jean called in  to say hello before dinner. Fulham won again, this time beating Sunderland 2-1 at home to go eighth in the Premier League table. Elsewhere, Manchester City beat Newcastle to top the Premier League table with 1 game to play.

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